Firefly - orbital welding machine

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firefly Orbital Welding Machine

IPWL Worldwide

Stamford Supply & Service Ltd are the official distributors of the Firefly Orbital Pipe Welding System in North and South America.

The manufacturers, IPWL Worldwide, have designed the firefly welding machine with the end user in mind – a range of innovative features combine to give you a smarter orbital welding machine:

  • compact and lightweight design
  • sector control
  • automatic torch height adjustment
  • inverter compatibility
  • hard wire and flux core capability
  • root pass capability
  • simple band clamping system


firefly features and benefits
The firefly welding bug is full of innovative features to make your life easier:
  • firefly's micro processor technology enables precise control of key welding parameters.
  • firefly has multiple pass welding capability for workpieces in all gravity positions.
  • firefly has sector control. This feature enables the customisation of sectors to give the maximum flexibility and repeatability to parameters.
  • firefly has an automatic torch height adjustment feature as standard (with suitable inverters).
  • firefly's operator's remote control pendant is designed for ease of operation. Military grade switches are used to offer a long life and reliability. A hi-visibility display allows ease of parameter identification and operator tolerance.
  • firefly uses a ruggedized laptop computer as a programming pendant to enable parameter set-up in a familiar PC environment - 50 parameter memories come as standard.
  • firefly's lightweight design allows for ease of handling. Health and safety lifting related issues are reduced.
  • firefly's simple band clamping system allows fast and effective clamping and removal of the machine to the guide band. A quick release system on the guide band means fast set up times are possible
  • firefly can be used on a magnetic or vacuum mounted flat track.
  • firefly systems are calibrated to enable all weld procedures to be exactly the same.
  • firefly's bi-directional capability eliminates the need for separate left and right hand bugs.
  • firefly has a root pass capability without the need for copper or ceramic backing shoes.
  • firefly's linear capability enables it to be used reliably over a greater range of welding applications without the need for modifications.
  • firefly's compact size means it can work in confined areas.
  • firefly has both hard wire and flux core welding capability due to the high torque motor installed, effective feed of all types of weld wire is possible.
  • firefly's self adjusting legs keep adjustment between pipe sizes to a minimum and allow a greater range of pipe sizes to be welded on one set of legs.
  • firefly allows the user to download actual weld programming data to a USB memory stick for further processing in an Excel spreadsheet format.
  • firefly's on board monitoring of service schedules enables accurate servicing schedules to be maintained.
  • firefly's military specification connectors give rugged electrical and data connections prolonging the life of umbilical and remote connections.
  • firefly offers choice – wire on board or wire off board models with a range of water cooled torches.
  • firefly is compatible with suitable inverters from all manufacturers.

All this combines to give you a welding machine that can fulfil your requirements in the most demanding situations.

firefly standard options

The firefly system has the following standard options available:

  • Wire on board model
  • Wire off board model
  • Range of water cooled torches
  • Guide band
  • Length of umbilicals and cables (3m to 99m)
  • HMI programming pendant (minimum of one required per customer)
firefly's versatility

Firefly offers choice in the degree of automation, from a semi-automatic machine to a fully automated system. Firefly is modular and scalable – a range of software and hardware options means Firefly can adapt to suit your changing requirements.

  • Varying degrees of control of inverter communications - from simple arc switching to full analogue or digital options
  • Sector control and job programming; customisable sectors to give the maximum flexibility and repeatability to parameters
  • Data logging for enhanced traceability, analytical purposes, documentation or ISO compliance
  • Connectivity to allow downloadable software updates and remote assistance
  • Vertical oscillation capability for fillet weld applications
  • Blade style control system to facilitate fitting of enhancements
  • Automatic torch height adjustment (using amperage)
firefly general specifications
Minimum Weld Diameter 8 inches (203mm)
Maximum Weld Diameter Unlimited
Maximum Wall Thickness Unlimited
Maximum Oscillation Width 92 mm Independently adjustable in 0.001 inch (0.01mm) increments
Dwell Time 0 - 8. Independently adjustable in 0.01s increments
Travel Speed 0 - 270 inches (0 - 6858mm) per minute
Wire Capacity 0.8 -1.6 mm
Machine Weight 9kg Wire off board model
14kg Wire on board model (without 5kg spool)
Machine Dimensions Length 30cm
Width 17cm
Height 27cm to 37cm



F irefly Orbital Welding Machine can be used where a high degree of weld repeatability is required and a flat or flexible track/band can be installed.

Examples of welding applications can include:

  • oil, gas and water pipelines
  • wind and wave farm construction
  • large diameter vessel fabrication
  • chemical and petrochemical facility construction
  • steam pipes
  • tubular structures
  • pressure vessel construction
  • internal welds
  • shipyard construction work
  • power plant construction, nuclear and conventional
  • general fabrication

For more information about the suitability of firefly for your intended application, click the drop downs below:

Welding codes

The firefly system has been tested to comply with the following welding codes:

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
    ASME IX (ASME 9) – Process Pipework Code.
    ASME B31.3 – 2010 Process Piping.
    ASME B31.8 – 2010 Gas Transmission and Distribution Piping Systems.
  • British Standards
    BS4515-1-2009 - Specification for Welding of Steel Pipelines on Land and Offshore.
    BS2633:1987 - Specification for class I arc welding of ferritic steel pipework for carrying fluids.
    BS2971:1991 - Specification for class II arc welding of carbon steel pipework for carrying fluids.
    National Grid T/SP/P2 - Specification for process welding of steel pipelines on land and offshore.
    National Grid T/SP/P1 - Specification for the welding of steel pipe for distribution systems and installations (operating at pressures below 7 bar).
  • American Petroleum Institute
    API 1104 - Welding of pipelines and related facilities.
  • Australian Pipeline Standard
    AS 2885-2 (2007) – Pipelines gas and liquid petroleum – Welding.
Welding processes

firefly is capable of welding using the following weld processes:

  • GMAW
  • FCAW
  • Pulsed GMAW
  • MCAW
Welding positions

firefly is capable of welding in all weld positions:

  • 1G - Flat
  • 2G - Horizontal
  • 3G - Vertical upwards progression
  • 3G - Vertical downwards progression
  • 4G - Overhead
  • 5G - Pipe fixed horizontal
  • 6G - Pipe fixed at 45 degrees upwards
  • 6G - Pipe fixed at 45 degrees downwards
Welding passes

firefly has multiple pass capability:

  • Root pass
  • Fill pass
  • Hot pass
  • Cap pass
Welding wire

firefly is capable of welding with all types of welding wire.

Welded materials

All welded materials are subject to weld procedure qualifications (wPQR).

Bevel configurations

All bevel configurations can be welded with firefly subject to weld procedure qualifications (wPQR).


If you have any unusual applications, contact us to see if the in-built versatility of the firefly orbital welding system can be adapted to suit your specific requirements.